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Supporting children and young people  in West Fife

Seal Dunfermline is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

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Could you support SEAL Dunfermline?


Seal Dunfermline is a small local charity providing services in the West of Fife.  While we don’t have the profile or the resources of large children’s charities, our strength lies in the support we have received from the community over the years.

We receive an annual grant from Fife Council, however, in order to continue to operate , maintain our premises and develop the project we depend on grants and donations  from individuals, companies and groups. If you are an organisation or an individual who thinks they can help (cash or in-kind) then please contact us by telephone or email via our contact page.

Amazon Smile
You can support Seal when you shop through Amazon and make eligible purchased using  Amazon Smile.  Just click on the  link and it will take your to Amazon Smile.

Amazon Seal Charity Wishlist

We regularly consult with our group members to identify how our services and the environment at our premises might be improved. Group members have come up with an Amazon Seal Charity Wishlist of items that they would like us to obtain to enhance their experience of attending the project.  Individually, many of these items are not expensive. Together however, the cost is beyond what our small charity can afford. Clicking on the above link will take you to the ‘Wishlist’.  If you are able to support our charity in this way you can be confident that any items purchased will directly benefit group members.

Volunteering with  Seal

We rely for our success on the recruitment of local volunteers who have the necessary attributes and commitment to give of their time regularly.  A volunteer with Seal is someone who might want to work with children and young people in the groups, help with the upkeep of our premises or serve on our management committee but most of all give commitment.  For details of volunteering opportunities please contact us at Seal House.

Fundraising and sponsorship

Over the years we have been grateful to local groups and organisations for fundraising activities undertaken on behalf of Seal  which have made a huge difference to the experiences on offer to those local children and young attending the project.  The monies received from fundraising has enriched the variety of activities on offer including trips to the theatre, sporting events and summer programmes.

If you think you could organise a fundraising or sponsorship event on behalf of Seal then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please get in touch through our contact page.